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Hello, my name is Gina!

I am a Certified Nutritional Practitioner who specializes in gut health. I use a holistic approach to help people rebalance their gut microflora, correct digestion and improve hormonal imbalances.

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I attended the University at Buffalo’s School of Nursing and went on to work in various aspects of healthcare including a cardiology & pulmonary clinic and then later managing a busy physiotherapy clinic. I also attended the Institute of Holistic Nutrition where I trained to become a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, obtaining a diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition.

I have been on my own health journey for over 2 decades. In my early 20’s I developed GI issues experiencing everything from bloating to severe constipation that then led to bouts of diarrhea, major food sensitivities and allergies, brain fog and abdominal pain. I sought help from different medical professionals who ran various tests including scopes, ultrasounds, and colonoscopies. At the end of months of testing, my doctor shared that I had a diagnosis of IBS and that I should just increase my fiber and learn how to manage my stress. After many years of suffering and many hours of reading and researching IBS, I decided to be proactive and advocate for my health. I sought help from a Naturopathic Doctor to help me get to the root of my digestive and hormonal issues and help heal my leaky gut.

Despite the occasional challenges I face with digestion, I am beyond grateful for the health challenges I have endured, as they led me onto the path of studying and practicing holistic nutrition. The Institute of Holistic Nutrition truly changed my life. Throughout my studies, I learned how to get to the root of my digestive issues in a natural, holistic way. My health journey, complete with its challenges, has led me to want to help others in their own health journey. As a mom of 4, I want to feel my best and help others feel their best.  My purpose in beginning Zeteo Holistic Health is to help people earnestly seek to get to the root of their digestive & metabolic issues and to teach them how to regain control of their overall health and well-being.


  • University at Buffalo’s School of Nursing

  • Institute of Holistic Nutrition - Diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition

  • Proud member of

Get to know me

My favorite Sports team

The Buffalo Bills!  The Bills make me wanna SHOUT:)

A hobby

I LOVE to sing!  Music brings me so much joy

My favorite dish

Eggplant Parmesiana


How I relax

Reading, singing and nature walks help me chill

Favorite Vacation

Our trips to Italy!  From a cooking class and Vineyards in Florence to the Amalfi Coast, staying in a farmhouse in Asti to an agriturismo in Sicily...we have loved every single trip to Italy


Something that's on my bucket list

Sky Diving!  I know....CRAZY but I've wanted to do it forever.  I will do it soon

Interested in working together?

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