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Helping People Earnestly Seek Health

A holistic approach to support people through overcoming digestive issues, metabolic & hormonal imbalances.  

I help motivated people get to the root of their digestive discomfort, hormone imbalances and metabolic conditions so they can feel in control of their overall health.

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1:1 Gut Health Rehab

In this 1-1 Gut Health Rehab program I take you through the 5R approach to rebalancing the gut microbiome. This 3 month program includes a detailed biochemical analysis of your symptoms, along with custom protocols that include nutritional, supplemental and lifestyle recommendations.



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Hormone Rebalancing Program

In this program, we go through how to create habits that are sustainable for healthy living. The program includes Functional Hormone Testing, 1-1 support, custom protocols, meal plans, grocery lists, handouts, and more.

What Clients Say
Gina helped me tremendously. I have been dealing with extreme exhaustion, major issues with joint pain, short-term memory loss, and a whole slew of things. I am 41 years old and am extremely active, I also eat a very healthy diet but nothing seemed to help these symptoms I was having. I love weight lifting but every time I went hard at the gym, I could feel that my body was not recovering properly. I mentioned all these things to Gina and she encouraged me to consider working with her. I loved the fact that she has a holistic approach, so I decided to invest in myself by taking advantage of the opportunity to work with her. I am so so grateful that I decided to take this journey. I feel such a difference in my daily activities, in how my body responds to my workouts, better performance overall, increased energy, and even feel like my digestive system is functioning better. Thank you, Gina, for your expertise and help!!!                                 
                                                                                                                                     -Kelly J.
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